5 dicembre 2016

International Master in Erasmus Plus Projects – First edition

International Master in Erasmus Plus Projects launched by Euphoria and Ciape – Italian Centre for life-long-learning

Rome 13-24 November 2017

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Do you want to be a real project manager? Join us!

99% of project managers gain confidence on specific programme after at least two consecutive years.

That is why we want to promote the International Master in Erasmus Plus Projects focusing on a single programme.

We will share our experience with talented people willing to become project managers of their schools, associations, universities but also freelance professionals.

The main objective of the International Master is to provide participants with the core skills to plan, manage and implement Erasmus Plus projects.

The course will last two weeks, taking place in Rome and it will be held by experts who concretely work in projects, write projects and live projects.

The International Master is organized by two associations with an extensive experience in Erasmus projects and training courses on Erasmus Plus.

The main objectives of the training course are:
● Explore all the Erasmus+ programme opportunities.
● Create the role of “project manager and coordinator” within each organization.
● Provide participants with an opportunity to develop and boost their career.
● Develop effective project ideas for European cooperation among schools, universities, associations but also SMEs and Public Institutions.
● Deepen knowledge regarding financial and administrative aspects of EU projects.
● Develop dissemination plans and promote communication activities over EU projects.
● Organize the project materials for eventual controls and/or external audits and learn the tricks of reporting the project expenses.

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